Month: December 2012

Facing East

This is the view from my friend’s balcony, which is up on, like, the 17th or 18th floor of a downtown high rise. The view is awesome, and I am completely jealous of it. I bet the sunrise looks great from that high up.

SW 4th and Harrison

I took this while walking home around 2am, it was one of the last frames on my first roll of black and white film. I didn’t think it would be exposed properly, but I was anxious to get the roll done and developed. Kind of wasteful thinking, I know. But, as it turns out, the spur-of-the-moment shot was one of my favorites. Go figure.

Bank Building

So I think I’m going to start posting some film here. This is a building near where I live. It has a balcony or a patio up on top that I really want to hang out on, even though the view faces south and there isn’t really much to look at. I just want to see my neighborhood from a different perspective.